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Take 2 Fitness is about helping you reach your best you –and yes, this is a fitness site,
however, my goal is to help you reach the best you, not just by fitness,
but by helping you reach, happiness, health to where
you can feel the best in body, mind, and soul.
By keeping it simple, anyone at any point can achieve this,
I know we can all reach that point.
And I want to help you get there!

You Can’t Out Exercise Poor Eating!

Clean eating recipes and tips
Great Delicious Easy Meals
Vegetarian & Gluten Free Options
Desserts & Grab n Go Snacks
Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains.

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Building a Foundation: The Framework

I have been thinking on how to-- or more on how i should write this post; should I be more kind and beat around the bush, or should I just get right to the point? I am going to just be honest to you. I want to ask you this before we get into our conversation. Why do...

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Nice day for running

    Today is really nice out, and with the weather getting nicer out means that I can get back out there for running. I know today when I get off form work I am going to go for a two or three mile run, I got my shoes, running  gear for the run: My Gear? Well...

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Natale Stuffed Portobellos

Hey everyone! Here is one of the few recipes that I had tried this month for my month with no meat. I got this recipe for the stuffed mushrooms vegetariantimes.com, vegetarian or not, this site has some awesome recipes. When I decided to go without meat for a month I...

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Heidi Kristoffer

I am really excited for this post, why? I will tell ya! I have the honor of interviewing Heidi Kristoffer. I first found out about her on Twitter, and I "followed" her posts on there for a while. I think I came across  her because I also follow Tara Stiles on Twitter...

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Yoga Beginner? Tara Stiles talks about Yoga.

  I recently had the honor to interview Tara Stiles. Stiles is the founder of Strala Yoga, she has written a book called: Slim Calm Sexy Yoga, and her newest one, Yoga Cures.  She is dedicated to improving ones health, mind and fitness through Yoga. I went out on...

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Walk it Off.

Good day everyone! How was your Forth of July? Mine was pretty laid back, but it was wonderful! Over on Facebook, these is a like-page called The One Month Challenge  and they are doing a...well, a one month challenge and this month it is all on millage. They are...

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