I have been thinking on how to– or more on how i should write this post; should I be more kind and beat around the bush, or should I just get right to the point? I am going to just be honest to you. I want to ask you this before we get into our conversation. Why do we fail?ir why di we stop with our goals? Take a moment and pause, just let it soak in for a moment and most importantly Be honest with yourself.

So why do we fail? I honestly think it is due to not having a foundation, at least not a solid one. I think we mostly build on one that is cracked or damaged to a point where it crumbles which causes us to fail…or just give up (and that is really the only way we truly fail our goals.

This is going to be a small series on building a foundation. For our conversation today, it will be on the iportance of starting starting the framework of the foundation that you are building!

Setting the Layout:

Most goals will need a plan, or in this case, framework. We have to have some plan of what we want to, were we want to go. The end of whatever that goal is, needs a visional end point. The end plan might change and that is alright.  You can’t paint a nice even color of paint on a wall by throwing pant onto the wall from across the room. For whatever your goals me be, you really need to have some sort of plan for you to reach it and decrease the chance of falling back to where you where. One reason “diets” (more on that soon) fail. They are built and designed to be short term (in my mind) . They are built to get fast results, which is great while you are on it! Then you end the diet because you reached that “goal” a few months pass and you are back to where you started, give ot take. I want to end that whole term of diet and rebuild it

I dont want that to happen to us, to you. Set up your frame work to where it works for you. Get it to work for you and have it aid you.  Find the recipe that gives you something to stand firm on and never have to worry of it failing or crumbling beneath you.

Step One: gathering the ingredients

Write your goal(s) down, this is a great way to see what you want. Dream big, make them big! With that said, keep it real.

set up a timeframe of when you want to achieve it.  I like to challenge myself with the timeframe while keeping it…again, keeping it realistic. You don’t want to cause some cracks in your new foundation right of the bat.

Part two: making the mix.

Sounds simple right? This is more of the action part. This is where people tend to back off from their goals. Taking action is scary, it is taking a risk. Taking that jump into a unknown area and hoping that you dont get hurt. We have this fear of failing and that is a whole other conversation. But we do have this fear of failing, letting people down. Or them letting you down.

Planning and talking about goals and dreams is good and fun to do! But if we dont mix our plans together and start to pour out the plan into action…then it is just words. Words without the actions behind them are just simply words.

we will need to put into action. Ways to do that is (we will say for weight loss, it is pretty common. But doesn’t have to end at just health) join a gym, get a personal trainer..drag a friend or family member with you! Go after it!

You already made  list of what you want to do and how you would like to get there. Go after it. They say to lose weight is like 70% diet (what you eat. Your lifestyle) and 30% working out. Simple what they are saying, you will have a real hard time working out a lifestyle built on poor eating. There are    So  many great   Place to find recipes   For cooking on this wonderful place called the internet. 😉

if you dont want to do a gym that is okay and there is nothing is wrong with that. For me, i was never good nor disciplined enough to workout at home. I knew one if my weaknesses and knew I had to address that.

Now depending on what your goals are, changing your food and how you eat might be enough for you to reach those goals, again it is all based on what the goals are.

I challenge you to makes those step towards.

The next addition will be on waiting and letting it set. Please share your thoughts on this. Would love to hear your framework.

till next time,

in health and coffee,

Cody B