I am really excited for this post, why? I will tell ya! I have the honor of interviewing Heidi Kristoffer. I first found out about her on Twitter, and I “followed” her posts on there for a while. I think I came across  her because I also follow Tara Stiles on Twitter as well, and then I liked Kristoffer’s Facebook Page and I found out that she was this down-to-earth person who just happened to be a yoga instructor at Strala Yoga in New York along with– yep you guessed it, Tara Stiles! (And you all know how I look up to her)

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After reading the posts that Heidi posted, I decided to see if she would be willing to do an interview for the blog.  She has such an awesome story that it was hard to choose what questions to ask. Also, I didn’t want to ask something silly! I decided to go simple and go with the questions so you might be able to get to know her as well. So here you go.

Me: First to start it off lite, what is one of you favorite snacks?

Heidi: I love mangoes. I chop up and eat a whole mango every day when I can find good ones 🙂

Me: You have a lot going on in your day, so I was wondering how you kept your yoga routine in check? I know for a lot of people (sometimes myself!) use “time” as an excuse to get out of their workout for that day.

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Heidi: Yoga is non-negotiable for me. Every day, I make time for my practice. You have to be good to yourself in order to be good for others. Some days it is shorter than others, but having a daily yoga practice keeps my mind and body clean, happy, healthy, and easy. Also, I don’t think of yoga as a “workout” – it is more about connecting: with my body, my breath, and whatever is going on in that moment. Yoga feels GOOD, so it is never something that I want to miss out on.

Me: How does your diet (in the sense of how/what you eat on a daily basis) compliment your lifestyle?

Heidi: I eat a vegan diet because it is what makes my body feel and function it’s best. I think every body should eat in the way that makes them feel the best. There are no rules, other than eating what makes you feel great. Eating a healthy plant-based diet allows me to have the energy to feel awesome, move a lot, and never feel weighted down.
Me: Is yoga something that you have always done? Or something you have picked up later in life?

Heidi: I took my first yoga class after I graduated college and moved to NYC. I Googled gyms in my new neighborhood and a yoga studio came up. I was beyond hooked after my first class (it involved handstands!), and I have never looked back. If you had told me at 16 that I would be leading yoga classes as an adult, I would have told you that you were insane. Yoga was completely not on my radar while growing up, so when I was first exposed to it, I took every opportunity I could find to learn everything and anything about this awesome system that made me feel so great. I just keep learning!

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Me: What advice would you give someone that is just starting out with yoga?

Heidi: Have fun. Take deep breaths. Don’t take yourself seriously. Move how you feel good moving. Use yoga as a way of connecting with yourself. Be nice to you – there is only one you!

Now you know a little about Heidi, she has such an amazing story that wasn’t covered here today. I hope you  guys have enjoyed getting to know her as I have.


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