Today is really nice out, and with the weather getting nicer out means that I can get back out there for running. I know today when I get off form work I am going to go for a two or three mile run, I got my shoes, running  gear for the run:

My Gear? Well it is just the basics like, good pair of shoes. ( I am looking for a new pair and if you have  any info on a good kind, let me know in the comments), music–this is a must for when I run, for those who can run without music..more power to them! I know most people, or at least the people that I talk to about running, they go for the “Power music” You know the stuff with the heavy beat to get the blood going…myslef on the other hand like the music that takes my mind off from what I am doing, and I enjoy running.

I will bring my sunglasses for when it is sunny out, and for a added Cool effect 😉

I don’t bring water with me because there is water fountains around the lake where I run. And over all, it is a short run over all, so, I won’t be needing it. If you are doing more then a 5K I  Would recommend having water with you, if you  have a nice way of carrying it.

We often forget how important it is to give ourselves the right amount of water in each day, how much have you had today? Raise your cyber0 hands if you have had enough water today (you should drink half you body weight in ounces, keep this in mind as you are raising your hand)

Water is so benifical here are some reasons as to what they are:

  • Healthier skin
  • sleep better
  • more energy
  • lose weight

It can also help with eating smaller portions, or I should say more of the right size of portion. These are just some of the reasons for drinking water.

Did you know by drinking coffee you are dehydrating your body, and you will need to drink more water to catch up, I am a huge coffee drinking, and I am not saying that it is bad, but do you get in the extra glass of water per cup of joe? I rarely do.

Are you new to running? I have been running for about three years now, however, I have not made much progress, why? I run to get the run over with, but no this year not today, I am going to train, I am going to make progress, I will be better than the man I was last year. If you are new, remember to pace yourself, no need to be a hotshot, you are doing this for you, not to impress your friends 🙂

Walk, run, walk, run; it isn’t a big deal if you have to go back into a walk when you are just starting out, but don’t forget to push yourself!