” Goals are the fuel in the furnace of achievement. “

Brian Tracy, Eat that Frog.

Goals are frustrating but oh so rewarding and worth the time to achieve them. Goals have been a mindset for this last week, why? Because I know that this coming January a goal of mine will start.
Starting on January first, I will be going vegetarian for the whole month of January.  No Meat! I want to feel and see the difference between eating and not eating meat. So after some thought, I know that a month is a good length of time for me to feel the difference or at least start to feel the difference.

On January first I will post a post with my status of where I am at with weight, measurements (Yuck!) and all that good jazz. Though I do want to say this, this isn’t for the weight loss part, but more for seeing how I feel by changing up my diet. I use diet in the way I think it should be. A diet is what you eat on a regular basis, not a quick fix, and not something that only lasts a few weeks so you can fit into that pair of pants. It is a lifestyle.

A cool picture.
I will go more into my thoughts on Diet on a later post.

Now that you know what I am going to be doing the start of the year. I will ask if you would like to join me on this! Okay, okay. Here is what I am thinking!!! I would like to see more than just myself doing this if able (and I know we are able!). Something like three to four other people.


Here is what I like to be done:

  • Get your measurements and weight down on paper (or computer.) You won’t have to share if you don’t want too, though, it would be fun if you did.
  • Get a journal going. I would love to get one post done at the end of the month with thoughts and comments from all of you! What I am looking for in the journal is  for you to write down how you are feeling and what you ate, progress and so on.
  • Don’t eat meat for a month!

I do love fruit. Simple, right? I think so.
If this is something that you would like to take part in, you can contact me either by email or in the comments! Email: take2fitness@gmail.com
I will give a weekly update on how I am doing for the month, and I will also share a recipe that I have tried that week so you guys could try if you want.