We have all said it before, “tomorrow” I will go on my clothes rack…er, I mean treadmill,  walk or run the so many miles that I have been telling you about for the last few months…ha-ha! I know I ‘ve said it.


This made me laugh! And it is so true (I love OffThemark.com), it took a minute for me to get what it meant, I put to much thought into  it.

I would like to challenge you, to start meaning what you say, for me, I will go for a run tomorrow. and when I am done with the run I will post it on my facebook like page, which I invite you to do the same! Like Page 

It is almost Spring, and then it will be summer, and I will be ready for it, this is my year, and I want to help you make it your year as well. Set a goal, tell a friend about it. I am more then willing to talk to you and keep you accountable .

So here is a to-do list for you:   (You fill in the blanks)

  • My activity today is ____________?
  • I will report to ___________ ? And let them know that I did it!
  • I will plan my next goal, and the goal is _______?
  • I  will go and like  Take2 fitness Facebook page (wait what? how did that get in there? Well, my bad 🙂 I think I will keep it in here. )
I will post tomorrow after my run on facebook, and I hope you will do the same (doesn’t have to be on facebook, but I do hope you tell someone!)
Don’t let Yesterday be today, and don’t let today be tomorrow–without meaning it.
In Health,